Glass BSDF

22 December 2016 16:39
Hi all,

I have been trying to use Cycles to create a scene for B4W, one of the main assets in that scene is a Glass Computer Screen, I have had no luck in haveing it show regardless of the lighting I have used.

the Screen has two emitters on both sides eliminating it there is also text with an emission shader but all I get is a black shape.

What am I doing wrong?

22 December 2016 17:09

Could you please attach example blend file
Blend4Web Team - developer
23 December 2016 09:57
HI Konstantin,

Attached is a blend file made in Cycles, it is a sample of what the kind of thing I'm after.

23 December 2016 10:43

Glass is still unsupported, as well as Translucent node.

Here you can find the list of nodes supported so far
23 December 2016 13:08
Hi Pavel

Thanks for the info.

Is there a way I can achieve the effect I'm after in B4W?

Are there plans for there nodes to be added to B4W?

23 December 2016 16:32
Here you go! A simple example of a glass. Rigt next to your example.

I used Cycles node Fresnel

Glass_test (2).blend
24 December 2016 04:46
Hi Pavel,

thanks for the help.

I think ill get close to what I'm going for.

Have a Merry Christmas,

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