Animation blending

22 December 2016 22:19
Hi guys,

I'm almost totally new to 3D and game development, but thank you for this great software which allowed me to approach this fantastic world…

I have a question about animation blending. I have a character with three animations (Actions): idle, walk, run.

I can play them via javascript, but how can I "smooth" the change between an animation and the other? Should I use logic nodes? If yes, can I invoke just something like an activator (from javascript?) to perform the blending?

Thank you
23 December 2016 03:44
Maybe the NLA module has what you need. You can do the blending with NLA strips and then animate using the strips?

I haven't tried it but it seems like the way to do it :).
23 December 2016 12:37
Thank you Mike,

this NLA module it totally new for me (both on the API and Blender side), time to watch some tutorials… :-)

I was actually experimenting with this function also:


but it does not seem to work in my case (too complex armature? too many polygons?). I checked the code posted on this post (for the benefit of who may want to purse a different way):
which is in Russian, but Google translator does a good job

I'll keep you posted. This 3D thing is very time consuming….

Thank you

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