resolution factor on html exportation

10 January 2017 16:02
Hi there~!!

South Korea here

how can I set resolution factor when I export with html format??

and is there a way to hide setting button??

11 January 2017 11:00

You should modify webplayer application, webplayer export pattern, rebuild it and export your scene from Blender.

What b4w version do you use?
11 January 2017 13:00
I'm using 16.11.0
11 January 2017 17:33
Here is modified webplayr. Just import it and rebuild. But be careful: there is unused code inside
project (8).zip

If you want to set the resolution factor, take a look at the 617 code line:
m_cfg.set("canvas_resolution_factor", 2.0);
13 January 2017 11:59
thank you very much!
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