How to control the playback of vertex animations by js codes

19 January 2017 07:57
I bake the vertex animation in blend4web, but when I load the json file of the model including the vertex animation and use the js code to play it, the error posted as "B4W ERROR: No fcurves in action "lovely-mouth""occurs. Then I enable the "Apply default animation", the vertex animation play well, so maybe I miss some settings for the playing of vertex animation.
The js code is here:
_expression_rig = m_scs.get_object_by_name("TDAMiku_mesh");
				m_anim.apply(_expression_rig, "lovely-mouth");;

The "lovely-mouth" is the vertex animation's name.
23 January 2017 11:32
Hi! Did you enable the "Export Vertex Animation" option for this object?
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