Web Player JSON: Publishing Projects

19 January 2017 15:08
The community frequently asks how to publish finished Web Player projects on a website. This article is showing a simple approach to deploy your project on a WordPress based production server.

Link to the article
19 January 2017 15:58
Thanks for the article, really helpful!

So I am now able to integrate a viewer for the 3D Models I want.
But how can I interact with these Models in the webplayer with HTML5 Buttons etc.? If i chosse Engine Binding type: external am I going with Webplayer+JSON or do I have to tick Webplayer+JSON in Project Manager? Then I have to edit all the webplayer.html files in the blend4web_ce\apps_dev\webplayer folder, right?
19 January 2017 17:20
You can use either External or Web Player engine binding types, but not both.
If you want to interact with the scene through custom html-elements, it is better to go with an application (External, Copy, Complie binding types).
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