problem with m_sfx.mute(null,false);

04 February 2017 15:48
i create 1 speaker with sound 1 and speaker 2 with sound 2
i play them automaticaly and i mute them

normally if i do m_sfx.mute(null,false); it must unmuted them both but it does'nt work

i am obliged to do
var m_speaker = m_sfx.get_speaker_objects();
m_sfx.mute(m_speaker[0], false);m_sfx.mute(m_speaker[1], false); to unmute them
and the m_sfx.mute(null,true); works good

if i do m_sfx.set_volume(null,10); ok it work perfect fot volume set

why mute(null,..) does'nt work?
or i do somethink wrong but can see it
08 February 2017 18:37

I could reproduce the issue. I'll try to fix it to the upcoming release. I can't promise, but I'll do my best.
Thanks for the feedback
08 February 2017 18:45
thanks roman
22 February 2017 16:01

We've researched the problem and decided to change the documentation of this method. The call of m_sfx.mute(null,true); disables sounds for the scene, it doesn't work with speakers. It disables music for the whole scene.

If you need to turn off/on all speakers, you can iterate them:
var speakers = m_sfx.get_speaker_objects();
for (var i = 0; i < speakers.length; i++)
    m_sfx.mute(speakers[i], true); 

var speakers = m_sfx.get_speaker_objects();
for (var i = 0; i < speakers.length; i++)
    m_sfx.mute(speakers[i], false); 

26 February 2017 12:14
ok i have change
but problem it works on firefox and chrome but not in edge

B4W ERROR: empty responce when trying to get sounds/hohoho.altconv.m4a?t=23122016141733
27 February 2017 16:35

Do you use the HTML export? If so, your browser doesn't support the given sound format. And it tries to load supported format - m4a. You should convert your sound to the m4a format. And then you need to enable this option:
27 February 2017 19:48
i use ogg format but il will take m4a
i export json format
28 February 2017 10:13
Could you send me the hohoho.altconv.m4a file to test it?
06 March 2017 11:01
i don t use the project manager
but i have solve the probleme using only mp3 sound on caniuse it say that it s compatible with all navigator

now i am working on bakingvertexanimation
i want to move an object along and at the same time the object take the shape of the path
i use curve modifier but to move the object i have to change its X or Y or Z coordonate so when i back move along this axe and not along the path only
but i have notice that if i move the origine of the path unlike moving my object it does the good think but i have to create a python script which move the path origine and create keyframe on the time line and bakevertex this
i have also see this but it s a little more complex but i will try to work on too
06 March 2017 22:43
ok it works now
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