m_ipc.create_worker is not a function

06 February 2017 08:18

Deployment pack works fine but when I try to embed the project inside my app I get "m_ipc.create_worker is not a function". see attached image.

By embedding, I mean instead of using an iframe, i set up a canvas in my app's html page and put the generated java script code inside my own code. Everything else stays the same apart from fixing some path issues here and there.

Thank you
08 February 2017 16:16
Let me guess: you may include uranium.js in your <script> declarations. This file (the physics engine) works in a worker and is loaded automatically.
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13 February 2017 08:09
Thank you, I will give it another try. Although an iframe is also working fine now (I had trouble bubbling events to the parent document, all is good). Probably can use either method now
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