Pick up real Coordinates of an object's spot

21 February 2017 17:17
Here is the link with my blender file, can you take a look and let me know if you find anything strange?
Yes, the reason of crash is that you have a high-poly object, which physics cannot handle.

As you can see in Blender this object has ~1600000 vertices. It is too much for browser physics. The upper limit is about 80000-100000 vertices, however the good approach is to keep them 10 times less: below 10000 - but this is a performance issue.
As a solution you can make a duplicate of this object at the same location and apply the Decimate modifier to it until it reaches the appropriate number of vertices. Then you should set the material physics for it and enable the "Do Not Render" flag, hence this object will be used in physics calculations but not in rendering. Also, the physics on the original high-poly mesh should be disabled because we already have that low-poly invisible physics object.

P.S. If you'll watch this scene in the standard Viewer (via the "Fast preview" button) you'll see that it has ~9600000 vertices. This is much more than what Blender indicates for this object. The difference is because of the object's flat shading, for the smooth shading you'll have the same 1600000 vertices as in Blender. This affects total export time, size of the exported bin/json files, application loading time, application performance and so on. So, the "smooth shading" is a better option if you don't mind the changes in the visual appearance.
22 February 2017 13:28
Thank you very much for your time, i will try what you suggested and come back.
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