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17 February 2017 10:03
Hi I made this app


but I have a problem it doesnt work correctly I have to move all the sliders in order to do what I want but that's not the objective of the app, but if I put (for example) the x coordinates alone it works but when I put everything together doesnt work.

I've attached the blender file to se if someone can help me (you've helped me before with this)

P.S. - I'm loving blen4web quite difficult but awesome.
20 February 2017 16:38

Could you please export your whole project with the Project Manager and attach here? The problem possibly lies in the programming code.
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20 February 2017 22:13

Here's the project
22 February 2017 15:21
Hello Alberto,

You forgot to replace variable names after ctrl + c & ctrl +v

Here's a correct version of the function
function sliders() {
    var taza = m_scenes.get_object_by_name("taza");

    var x_slider = document.getElementById("x_coord");
    x_slider.oninput = function(e) {
        m_mat.set_nodemat_value(taza, ["taza", "x_coord"], x_slider.value);

    var y_slider = document.getElementById("y_coord");
    y_slider.oninput = function(e) {
        m_mat.set_nodemat_value(taza, ["taza", "y_coord"], y_slider.value);

    var rotacion = document.getElementById("rotacion");
    rotacion.oninput = function(e) {
        m_mat.set_nodemat_value(taza, ["taza", "rotacion"], rotacion.value);

    var x_scale = document.getElementById("x_scale");
    x_scale.oninput = function(e) {
        m_mat.set_nodemat_value(taza, ["taza", "x_scale"], x_scale.value);

    var y_scale = document.getElementById("y_scale");
    y_scale.oninput = function(e) {
        m_mat.set_nodemat_value(taza, ["taza", "y_scale"], y_scale.value);

22 February 2017 23:36
shame on me…

Thanks a lot I'm going to check everything before posting something.
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