Lazy-loading secondary assets

17 February 2017 11:40
Hello B4W Team!

I have a 53MB scene without textures and I'm wondering if there's a way to lazy-load assets.

Loading screens are good but it would better if I could have a short loading screen to load first elements and displays to the user. The shorter the user wait, the better. Then add more details with time. Streaming.

I think you talk about it during last conference but I can't find tutorials/docs about that. Via programing or via Blender nodes. Is it possible to do that? How?
17 February 2017 19:21
Hi! You can use dynamic loading: Furnishing a Room Part 1: Dynamic Loading. But it requires those parts that you want to dynamically load to be separated into different blend-files and hence bin/json files.
17 February 2017 19:45
Great! I can't wait to have some time and learn that!
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