deploy json project doesnt have html file or support logic

24 February 2017 13:09
Hi blend4web,
i am sure you've been asked this a thousand times but i am a bit lost.
I have created a blend4web app using logic for buttons to play animations and hide show objects.
This all works perfectly with the html export, but I wanted to deploy this using the json option, however when I do this I have no html index file and no support for the logic.
When I followed the basic code from the user manual, it obviously still didn't support all the beautiful interaction and logic I have created with your system.
Is there not a simple way to deploy using the json option and still get a ready to use html with all the correct call backs for the logic.

Any help would be fantastic

Kindest regards
24 February 2017 14:54
Hi there,

Here are a few tutorials on that:

There are also couple of tutorials on Youtube.

Basically, once you have a running server, either locally or on a server, you need these files:

Then a folder called assets
In that folder you place your .bin file and .json file

Once you load the webplayer.html specify in the browser:


That's it

Let me know if this makes sense.
24 February 2017 21:13
many thanks rezatehranian
is it possible to remove the icons from the bottom right of the player?
I really do not need these

kindest regards
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