Maze Project

26 February 2017 21:52 Hungary Blender Community Site
27 February 2017 10:53
It's very interesting! What did they collect in this labirinth?
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
27 February 2017 21:59
Thank you Mikhail!
The labyrinth electrotechnics prepared for a competition.
Electrotechnics it is necessary to look for questions and to solve
If 1000 ohms are the consumer's resistances, and 200 mA of current is going on through him, how large an his performance?

Unfortunately data input (text input -> type=number) I cannot accomplish it yet, but I read it the blend4web descriptions (tutorials)
I have an idea yet
Thank you for the much help, I will have many questions yet Hungary Blender Community Site
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