Blend4Web 17.02 Released

28 February 2017 16:06
In this version you'll discover new features in the Project Manager, even more additions to VR, new Cycles nodes/sockets supported, improvements in Blender/Blend4Web user interface and a massive amount of API methods reworked to extend programmable control over various aspects of 3D web apps.
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03 March 2017 03:29
03 March 2017 04:43
Skeletal frame blending, Epic.
07 March 2017 15:23
Minor correction build 17.02.1 is available which includes rendering fixes on Windows and AMD GPUs. Also it includes fixes for some issues found in IE11/Edge browsers.
23 November 2018 09:34
This camera Support for Horizontal and Auto camera sensor fits has been added.
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