App performances PC vs Mac

12 February 2015 14:19
I am really curious about something. We have developped a web app, which is quite heavy, and would need optimisation, but that I can still run in Ultra Quality without any problem on my MacBook Pro 15" equipped with a Nvidia GT750M with 2GB dedicated memory… (I have 16GB RAM)
On a similar PC, with the same graphic card, and even more dedicated memory (4GB), the same amount of RAM, I can only run the App in Low Resolution mode… I have upgraded the drivers to the latest available from Nvidia site, and we are running the App with Firefox on both machines…
What can cause such a difference? Is there something to do or to activate on the PCs to get better performances? (CUDA, anything?)
Thanks for your help!

David Duperron
STAT Marine -
12 February 2015 15:24

The problem is most likely in the Windows+Firefox35 configuration. There is a performance bug in Firefox 35 which is already fixed by Mozilla in Firefox 36 (checked in beta version). So the performance should stabilize after the next browser update.
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