iframe unable to load scene

03 March 2017 16:23
Hi there,
I have a scene that I have exported as a json file.
when I follow the tutorials to create the index file to link to the webplayer and my scene I get nothing.
I know its an addressing issue but I just cant seem to make it work.

Structure is:
App folder/ ???.json
- webplayer/webplayer.html

The json file is in the top level of the app folder but the below iframe link neither loads the webplayer or the scene.

<iframe allowfullscreen src="../webplayer/webplayer.html?load=./????.json" width="800" height="500"></iframe>

its very frustrating because the html export is perfect but I want to use custom meta tags and therefore need to be able to access the json file.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

kindest regards
03 March 2017 17:46


The following line will work
<iframe allowfullscreen src="../webplayer/webplayer.html?load=../App folder/????.json" width="800" height="500"></iframe>
03 March 2017 20:22
Hi Roman,
thanks for answering so quickly, clearly i wasnt clear with my description of the file structure.
please take a look at the attached image and let me know what the iframe should be.
the webplayer would obviously be in the webplayer folder.

Kindest regard and thank you so much for the continued help
05 March 2017 21:01
You need to know relative path from the webplayer directory to the json file. I guess it should be src= "../test.json"
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