Read text file from hdd

03 March 2017 21:34
Only one question - see image:

thx Hungary Blender Community Site
14 March 2017 00:35
Excuse me
The question escaped your attention, or there is not a solution? Hungary Blender Community Site
14 March 2017 18:01
Choosing the Description source option will result in filling the description text during export. I assume, you want the JS script to upload info during the run-time. There is no such option out the box, but this can be achieved with Custom Elements + JS/CSS.
Actually, very soon we are going to release a tutorial on different anchors types. Custom descriptions will also be covered. I believe, this can be in the end of the week, or next week.
14 March 2017 21:31
Hi Evgeny (Евгений)
Yes, I would like to read a text in a runtime to the anchor. I am glad about it if a new development got into the application - the javascript is difficult for me because I am not a programmer, but I study continuously. Thank you for the answer! Hungary Blender Community Site
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