3D Object responsive ?

07 March 2017 13:11
Good morning.

I have a scene with some buttons (simple planes objects with some textures).
I would like theses buttons to be responsive in order to fit the size of the screen.

Is it possible to do this directly within blender, or I have to make it works by adding some JS ?

Thank you
07 March 2017 13:24

Take a look at the documentation.

Have a nice day.
Blend4Web Team
07 March 2017 13:32
Hi Kirill !
Thank you for your answer, i saw the doc. Viewport Alignement is a cool feature, but it's not exactly scaling the objects.
If I have a footer with a lot's of buttons, they will overlap if the user shrinks the window horizontally for instance
07 March 2017 13:43
You try to lay out siple ui elements directly into the blend4web scene, am I right? You have a much simplier way to organize your project combining 3d contents with adaptive or responsive html elements, so you can use html for you ui, because all 3d events can be controlled with html.
Blend4web UI designer
07 March 2017 13:47
Hi Alex, you are right.
i see what you mean ! If you have any exemple it would be great. Otherwise, I will dig on it no pb :)
07 March 2017 14:56
Sure, there are some cool examples - >
Blend4web UI designer
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