Sound doesn't play

09 March 2017 01:01
i made a simple sound test - hit the button cubes spins sound plays …
everything works fine in blender fast preview

starting the project from the project manager or publishing it to a server : the sound doesn't play..


09 March 2017 14:51
Could you open the browser console and show me the messages?
Does the "btn" object has enabled "selectable" property?
UPD: this property is not required for that object
09 March 2017 15:04
hello roman

oh the sound file doesn't seem to be exported/included in the .json file

yes 'btn' has 'selectable' enabled

do i have to set asset paths (sound/video,etc.) manually? and if so : where?
09 March 2017 15:06
just in case my entire log

09 March 2017 15:53
Got it.
You should replace the voice.mp3 file into SDK, because the server cannot see files outside SDK. When you click the Fast Preview button, Blender copies all the resources into tmp directory in SDK and everything is fine. Don't forget to change the sound filepath in Blender. It should do the trick.
09 March 2017 19:38
Hi Roman

Thank you for explaining this!

So just drop your media files in your project's assets folder and everything is fine!

That's so easy with b4w - You guys do a great job!

09 March 2017 19:41
feature request:
actually it would be nice to have a link like 'show in finder' directly in the project manager - that would avoid most of that stuff

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