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09 March 2017 04:00
Hey guys, I'm currently studying blend4web for my thesis project. While I was researching I came across to this website.


I already have understanding how the logic and nla works. My question is how are they able to achieve the loading screen?. I was wondering if blend4web can replicate or do something similar to it.

Where should I start to make something similar. it would be great if you guys can help me out. If you guys are able to show me some nodes that would help me understand how the system work.

Below are the images from the award paris.

Thank You,
09 March 2017 18:38
Hi! Welcome to our forum!

I think lines were made using animated nodes.

Here is an example:

I created a rectangular-shaped UV map and used its coordinates to create a mask using some math nodes. Then I animated Value node to make it all work. To see it working in Blender select Viewport -> Update Material Animation in T-panel under Blend4Web tab.
This method can be used in a lot of different effects. I made three examples, play with some nodes to see what they are doing

Hope it helps!
09 March 2017 22:37
thanks @pavelkotov for the reply, I will play around with it and see what I can do….

Also I have a quick question, Its regarding about the car shader. I tried re-producing the same quality car shader of Volkswagen. link

I have Ambient Occlusion and MatCap which I rendered both images in Autodesk 3D Studio Max. However, When i click fast preview it only gives a complete grey color. :(

any clues?

thank you.
10 March 2017 12:15
See the red light on the top right? It means there are some problems with the scene.
While in browser open the console (F12) and look through the log, it will show you the errors. Please attach a screenshot of the console output
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