Help! My exported scene looks nothing like my project

10 March 2017 12:25
Hi, I am completely new to blend4web. I have created s scene in blender and when i export as an html, items are the wrong size and seem to be out of place. I have already checked the apply scale and modifiers box, i don't know what else i am missing. Attached is the project file.

Help Please
10 March 2017 13:25
Haha, It's very strange your file.

Your objects are rendered like if they aren't modify, just like you create a new cube for example.

I test create a new scene and append your objects.
The html is the same, so the problem don't come your scene.
I test create a new object in this new blend, my object render is good,
So, the problem comes from your objects.

I have searched but I don't know the difference between your objects and a new object, sorry.
Maybe, you modelizes strangely, I don't know. You haven't modifier, the scale is apply.
Try to re-create your object
I'm not crazy ! My reality is just different than yours.
10 March 2017 15:12
Hello, welcome to our forum!

I think I've found the issue.

Your objects are delta-scaled. Blend4Web doesn't support delta scale yet. Please make them without using Deltas for the correct behaviour!
10 March 2017 15:19
11 March 2017 12:42
Thank you everyone. How do I get rid of the deltas without destroying everything.
11 March 2017 13:28
Nevermind, I just went through it manually. Again, thank you for the help. I will definitely be back.
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