Using blend4web as a CAD editor in a web application

20 March 2017 18:03
Hello community!
I am new to this technology, specially the 3D programming. I am a desktop developer with backgrounds in Delphi and C# and since 3 years ago I am also developing in Asp.Net MVC applications. After this boring intro I will tell you what I am looking for with the hope that somenone in this community can point me to the correct direction.

I am developing an aspNet MVC web application that performs structural calculous from a model that a user must design representing a structure like a scafold, a bridge, a column, etc.. The user must fill some properties like length and thickess to be used to make some specific calculations to produce a report which is almost developed. What I need is the design UI to allow the user to design its models, create templates, etc. And I want this UI integrated into my web application. I have three technologies to evaluate: Threejs, Babylonjs and now Blender4Web. In the first ones I know I have to develop the entire UI, and the last one I need remove some functionallity because what I need it is more simple, and perhaps add some other like to be able to create templates of specific structures. Could it be possible to embed blender4web in my web application? If no, can somebody point me to any other library or product that offers the functionallity I need?

Thanks in advance
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