custom anchors doesnt load textures

22 March 2017 01:48
HI everyone,
I am trying to use the custom anchors code snippet from the apps development but every time I use my own blend files it doesnt load the textures even if I deploy them using the blend4web project manager. I use the original custom_anchor.html to call the project json and custom_anchors.js files which load fine but none of my textures show up.
I have checked their pathway and when using the deploy I get the usual "515ff37c36996a0f39fa2502c003ca29.png" pathway and the files are in the same folder as the html and json files.
When I try using this same file using the "Iframe"webplayer/load json method it loads the textures fine but then custom anchors script doesnt work correctly.
If you could guide me on how I can make these textures load up correctly using the custom anchors app or how I could add the custom anchors script to the iframe and make it work, that would be wonderful.

Many thanks in advance
kindest regards
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