360 panoramic

12 April 2017 01:10
Hello again.

I was wondering if someone can help me to do a 360 panoramic thing (I'm not sure how to say it) like the panorama of the everest of Yandex.

I already have the map and I was trying to move the camera into a sphere and in the sphere place a environment map in the inside but it doesnt look the way I want to.

So I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction or give me an example of what I have to use or do to make the camera animation and see a 360 image.

I think I saw something in the API about the camera animation but the 360 image i'm not quite sure how to do it

I hope i'm not asking too much.
13 April 2017 20:11
Try "Flip direction of Normals". Your sphere might be projecting the mapped image in the outward direction. So when you look inside the sphere, it will be simply a dark room.
13 April 2017 23:04
I find that my problem was the focal lenght of the camera and the resolution of the image that's why.

Anyone knows how to change the focal lenght of the camera?
14 April 2017 10:23
Anyone knows how to change the focal lenght of the camera?
hi! it's here:

- you should choose "Millimeters" in the field on the right, otherwise it will show you the field of view angle instead of the focal length
14 April 2017 22:10
Thanks a lot its working now
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