Artistic Gallery

16 April 2017 23:08
Our school's artistic gallery. The creators' exhibition is regular. Own selecting.
My question:
In the version with mobile it forward (backward) what the camera fetches longer after the remission of a button?
I wait for the opinions

PC version: Gallery PC
Mobile version: Gallery Mobile (tested Samsung S6) Hungary Blender Community Site
20 April 2017 18:44
Looks nice!
This behaviour looks like a bug, thanks for the report
Blend4Web developer
21 April 2017 17:30
Could you show the character's settings from Blender? And the code lines from the script
Blend4Web developer
22 April 2017 12:41
Hi Roman!
I share the project of course (Project Manager -> Import Project…)
I plan little changes, but fundamentally ready

Artistic Galery

Thank you! Hungary Blender Community Site
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