Artistic Gallery

16 April 2017 23:08
Our school's artistic gallery. The creators' exhibition is regular. Own selecting.
My question:
In the version with mobile it forward (backward) what the camera fetches longer after the remission of a button?
I wait for the opinions

PC version: Gallery PC
Mobile version: Gallery Mobile (tested Samsung S6) Hungary Blender Community Site
20 April 2017 18:44
Looks nice!
This behaviour looks like a bug, thanks for the report
21 April 2017 17:30
Could you show the character's settings from Blender? And the code lines from the script
22 April 2017 12:41
Hi Roman!
I share the project of course (Project Manager -> Import Project…)
I plan little changes, but fundamentally ready

Artistic Galery

Thank you! Hungary Blender Community Site
26 April 2017 16:39
The definitive version was ready
Thank you blend4web team

LINK -> See it first entry Hungary Blender Community Site
27 April 2017 17:36
Change the setting of character:
27 April 2017 19:40
Hello Roman!
Thank you very much, I repaired it. I pay attention to this in the next project! Hungary Blender Community Site
07 July 2017 23:19
Ahoi, great work: awesome! Works well on iOS safari iPhone 7! Question:
I am an artist using blender to
create 3D Art. Now I want to make also a virtual art studio similar to your project. With blend4web. But since I am only an artist not good in coding more in creating things it is very hard. My project is not commercial it's more an insight of my inner psych. Will you recommend me such an effort or is it to tough and difficult and will I run into much trouble? Easier just to render scenes and play them as movies .ogg and forget the interactive part a virtualisation it is anyway???? And how big is your project and how much you pay for your provider of the site?? How costly? Thanks!
08 July 2017 06:19
Hi Olski,
A project like this can be done with little or no coding. If you are familiar with Blender, this would be very easy. If you are new to Blender, then learning how to work with it would be your primary challenge.
Take a look at this video for some basics.
Once your scene is built inside Blender, you can just use File > Export > HTML.
For website hosting, you can just Google search for that in your area.
10 July 2017 15:30
Dear Olski!
Thank you for the acknowledgement.
How heavy? Good question… I read a lot and I was searching the blend4web his site.
I don't know on a what kind of level you handle it the blendert, but to take the words of worthy Will into consideration.
The size of the project depends on the structures (textures) and the models (lowpoly) - my project size: (full) 61MB.
The collection place of the site for us free. Hungary Blender Community Site
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