can use b4w-addon in command line

20 February 2015 14:38
Did there have a method to batch convert a bundle of Blender files to json/html ,like in command line call Blender with -P option and add blend4web-addon to do this task or so?
If this possible, I think we can find a way to setup a automatic service for people upload their Blend files,and get web3D content. a better solution for people do their own web3D gallary.

20 February 2015 15:13

We have a special Python script in the free SDK for this. It can be found under blend4web/scripts/
This script will try to open all .blend files under blend4web/blender directory and export them to blend4web/deploy dir.

Feel free to setup this directories as you need.
20 February 2015 15:24
Thanks a lot.
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