Change any parameter on object.

23 April 2017 20:23
Can somebody say how to change any modifier value on object from node editor or code? Thanks!

P.S. I want to load this value dynamicaly from json and then aply to any custom parameter or modifier value.
24 April 2017 17:31
What kind of value do you want to change? E.g. the number of Subdivs? This is not possible currently, as Blend4Web applies most modifiers during export and some during initialization.

Or maybe I misunderstood the question and the target is material properties? Then you might be interested in these functions:
25 April 2017 09:46
Hello Evgeny, thank you for your reply.

Yes, i would like to use something like array modifier on the fly with different values (There are some more interesting modifiers also). That would be very nice feature. Of course we can make the same using code. But this would be the same workflow like in three.js also. I search for any points that would make our workflow more effitient if we use blen4web instead of using three.js.
25 April 2017 12:19
I see your point.

Being slightly slower, procedural modifiers can bring lots of benefits anyway. We have plans to support such staff along with all Blender objects/bones constraints. This will enable to create really flexible systems.

In any case, the main benefit of Blend4Web compared to three.js is that all the work on models/animation can be performed and checked in the engine without involving programmers. This is a great timesaver in most projects. Also, don't forget about technical support. We always help in solving different tasks arising during the development.
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