Glass material question

25 April 2017 10:10

I looked at several tutorials but I just can't seem to get the glass material looking right… I would like it to look like a (full) glass cube (the little cube inside the big cube) where I'm going to carve letters in.
25 April 2017 10:16
… and I would like to export it as an html file …
27 April 2017 18:08
get the glass material looking right
There is glass material in the material library of Blend4Web CE which you can probably use as a basis.
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28 April 2017 12:13
Hi Yuri,

Thank you very much… That worked like a charm. I was still working with older versions (2.76 and 16.01) and there I didn't have the glass in the material library. I installed the latest from both and now the material looks like glass. Again, thank you…

Already said it in the past but blend4web is awesome!!!!!
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