Create a procedural cone

27 April 2017 16:37
Good morning,
I want to make a procedural cone with the ability to change the diameter of the Base.

I tried by making two circles and a line :

Then in the Object data panel of the line, setting the taper and Bevel Object :

It works if it's static. However, if I animate the size of the bevel Object Circle, when I compile the scene, my cone doesn't change.

Is there any workaround ?

28 April 2017 11:06
Could you try to use Shape Keys?

28 April 2017 11:08
But currently it works only with smooth shading
If this workaround is OK for you, I can build the exporter, which can use both shading models (flat and smooth).
28 April 2017 15:31
Thank you Roman !
It works :)
28 April 2017 17:16
What's about the flat shading?
28 April 2017 17:25
Hi !
I wanted a smooth shading so it's OK for me ;)
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