B4W & the Vancouver Blender Users Group

22 February 2015 04:22
Just got home from my first meetup with the Vancouver Blender Users' Group. They went over a few basics for some people, then got into doing stuff for the web via Blender, and Blend4Web came up as the hot ticket to make it happen. Fortunately, I was there to let them know what awaits them with B4W and show off some stuff I have done using it. More than a couple were very interested in the possibilities. Next time I meet with the group, I'll give them some more to get them interested about B4W. I didn't expect to be the most knowledgeable on any topic when I went to the meetup, but when they started talking B4W, I was able to make it shine a little bit, and will keep it up at future meetings. According to me, B4W is the "future of online retail", and some of the attendees agreed.
22 February 2015 08:16
Really exciting news! So you are going to be the core of the Blend4Web community in Vancouver.
Thanks for your activities, we appreciate your help a lot.
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24 February 2015 09:56
The photo tweeted by Mike Pan, the well-known Blender activist and organizer of that group.

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02 March 2015 09:05
This event was also mentioned in this BlenderNation post.
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