Light Linking

04 May 2017 11:24

does B4W support light linking? Can I somehow specify what objects (objects or meshes, not materials) a light should influence?

04 May 2017 11:37
There is probably a way to do what you want to do but Blender does not call it Light Linking. Maybe you could give an example of what you are trying to achieve. Every 3D object needs a material. Some programs call it by different names or don't mention it at all but if you can see it, it has a material.
04 May 2017 11:56
Hi Will, Light Linking is Maya's term to refer to the process of specifying what objects in the scene a given light should illuminate.
For example, you might want a light to illuminate only a single object instead of the whole scene. So, for that object the light will work as normal, whereas for the rest of the scene it might as well not exist.
Blender does this through render layers.
I know this is not the correct approach to rendering, but I am constrained to this specific approach in this case.
04 May 2017 18:33

True, in Blender you can set a light source per layer. But Blend4Web doesn't support Layers system. Hence, such behaviour can't be achieved for now.

We thought about it, we will see what will Eevee look like, and with that knowledge will deepen our connection with Blender settings.
05 May 2017 06:04
That is the great thing about Blend4Web, If it can't be done, just wait…

I was really impressed with the lighting in the "Gamepad Code Snippets" example.
With Blender running your local server, go to:
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