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22 February 2015 11:27
Hey !
NO doubt blend4web going well in its development phases but at the same point there are others bringing more or less similar technological things…
I have recently seen this url and sounds interesting

the sophisticated way of interactive 3D. of course its not freeware must be some heavy costly thing… but just thought impressive to share with.

Visualization expert!
23 February 2015 03:57
From their website:
"The CL3VER editor is cloud based and available via the Chrome web browser. You just have to log into your account and your can start create and edit your 3D presentations anytime and anywhere."
In such cases I usually ask the following question: do you really want to be a client of somebody's proprietary web service?
The Founder | Twitter
23 February 2015 13:18

Yeah thats true ! & perfectly what I was thinking. Cloud based activities and how far you are exposed to unknown things do not know.
I just thought of sharing it to bring awareness of where are we when standing in market… !
Freedom is freedom ! when its really meant to be a freedom !
Visualization expert!
23 February 2015 14:47
Well, this is not the first time when somebody wants an easy way to set up interactive info markers. We'll definitely look to this feature for Blend4Web.
The Founder | Twitter
17 March 2015 13:20
Yeh I m sure…. We will….
Visualization expert!
17 March 2015 14:33
Annotations are scheduled for the upcoming 15.03 release..
The Founder | Twitter
17 March 2015 16:58
Can't wait to see this!!
David Duperron
STAT Marine -
18 March 2015 10:53
Ответ на сообщение пользователя davdup
Can't wait to see this!!
The developer preview to be available by this weekend. Stay tuned!
The Founder | Twitter
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