Microsoft Edge show seams

04 May 2017 22:21
I've created a very quick 360 panoramic viewer using Blendamental's Cube Map Creation Toolkit. link
(VERY GOOD for creating quick 360 panoramic views with a small final file size)

When viewed in Chrome or on a mobile browser (Chrome or Samsung's Browser), it works flawlessly. When viewed with Microsoft's Edge browser, it works, but there are ugly seams where the cubemap connects together. It seems to be misaligned just a tad as well. Microsoft IE just doesn't work period. I don't have any other browsers to test if there are any seams in Firefox.

Any ideas of what to look for to fix would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The html exported from Blender is attached if anyone wants to view or try in another browser.
05 May 2017 01:24
Ya the scene looks good in Chrome. In Edge and Explorer I see the seems. I don't generally consider these browsers as relevant due to their market share:

And their poor performance in general.
Have you tried a sphere instead of a cube, or doing it manually to rule out an error introduced by Blendamental's Cube Map Creation Toolkit? I wonder if we could reproduce the problem without using the toolkit.
05 May 2017 19:24
Thanks for looking at it, Will.

I don't use anything other than Chrome either, but if I want to do something like this to show a client, it's nice to have it looking good across all browsers they may use. I generally tell people to use Chrome to get the best experience anyway, though.

I just wondered why in Chrome and mobile browsers it would look seamless and in Edge it would be off. I don't know anything about coding and WebGL, but i though it should all be ran the same if they are all using the same language to run the page. Just another reason not to use Microsoft browsers.

I'll have to try to put the Panoramic on a sphere and see if it works better. The cubemap toolkit was just very quick and easy without me having to set anything up for B4W. It has the added bonus of only having 6 quads as well. I like to try to have the size as small as possible for mobile use, but I'm sure a low poly sphere would be pretty small as well.
06 May 2017 07:12
In a sphere, you can use 'Target' camera mode and get a little more 3D effect. This is useful if you want to add any props in your scene. I did a video on this some time ago:
You can match up the lighting on your 3D objects to roughly equate to what is in your environment image. With a relatively flattened floor on your sphere it puts you in the scene.
08 May 2017 11:07
We've fixed the issue on IE and Edge. We are going to update the latest release next week. Thanks for the feedback
09 May 2017 00:05
Reply to post of user Roman Sementsov
We've fixed the issue on IE and Edge. We are going to update the latest release next week. Thanks for the feedback

Excellent! Thanks Roman! Glad I could help squash some bugs.

Will, that's a great tutorial!
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