Stereoscopic video Texture.

05 May 2017 16:41
Hi there,

I want to play a stereoscopic video on a plane or on any surface of 3D object. I have .avi file format for both left and right eye perspective. Is it possible to play a stereoscopic video in a video texture.
06 May 2017 07:23
If you use two separate videos as textures, they may not sync perfectly. But if you composite your two perspectives into one video file you could map two planes to each perspective on the video. Or if your size was right on your video file, you could map one plane to the video that would than have both perspectives on it.
Video texture documentation.
If you haven't already, take a look at the code snippet in your SDK:
(With Blender and your local server running)

Sounds like a cool project. I would love to see it if you get it working.
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