add iframe inside a cube

07 June 2017 10:27
Hi Indan,
Are you opening the project from your Project Manager?
It won't work if you try to open the HTML file directly. So if you place the project inside your SDK then open Blender so your local server is running, you can open your project with a URL like this:
Make sure the file path matches what you have.
So for me, I opened my SDK Index from within Blender. That took me to http://localhost:6687 in my browser. I then pasted the rest of the address on: /projects/html3d/apps_dev/html3d/html3d.html
My zip attached.
15 June 2017 13:16

I tried with the options told by you. Developed this project. Can you please have a look and advise me - what i am doing wrong here?
I want to show one html page in one of the planes in the scene. Attached the project file.
15 June 2017 14:56
I can't get any web page to be embedded on the cube…
We managed to reproduce the issue there is a problem with iframe positioning. We'll try to fix it.
But anyway these technique seems to be not universal and really useful.
What result do you want to achieve? Is iframe absolutely needed? Maybe we can suggest you a workaround
Blend4Web Team - developer
15 June 2017 15:52
It is mandatory to have in my project

How can we make it work?
16 June 2017 13:48
Hi Konstantin Khomyakov - have you got some free time to check the issue?
19 June 2017 15:54
Hello there… just trying to understand - how can I help you giving more information?
20 June 2017 10:31
Hi Konstantin Khomyakov - have you got some free time to check the issue?
Sorry we are now very busy with the upcoming release stuff, we'll check it after release date
Blend4Web Team - developer
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