developing a virtual laboratory

13 May 2017 21:28
I'm a final year Chemical Enginnering undergraduate student looking to develop a browser based 3D virtual laboratory for a Fluidised Bed Experiment as my undergraduate project. I intend to make it interactive, giving the the participants of the experiment a way of entering certain parameter and viewing their results. Can blend4 web be used to design this kind of web application and if not which software technology can be used to acheive this??thanks
15 May 2017 13:11
It is possible. I recommend have a look at the Made With Page. I imagine you might want physics to work on particles? I had a chance to play with the Blend4Web physics personally in VR (Video here). For a browser based 3D web application, I don't think you will find anything close to Blend4Web.
Take a look at this video by Ian, it has physics (bowling):
Ian has a number of other videos on his channel that will help you get into the coding.
19 May 2017 03:16
Thank you for your suggestion
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