How to play two actions of one armature simultaneously?

14 May 2017 08:25
How to play two actions of one armature simultaneously?

Let's say I have a human armature object with a mouth moving action ("talking") and an eye moving action ("blinking"). Would it be possible to put the talking in slot 0 and play it constantly with AB_CYCLIC and the blinking of the eyes in slot 1 and play that action only occasionally (randomly) while the talking animation is running?

I tried this but could only get B4W to play one action at a time, not both at the same time. But maybe I'm doing it wrong? I used m_anim.apply to apply the actions to the slots and to play.
15 May 2017 10:59
As for now, it is only possible to mix all the bones in two animations which is not suitable for you case.
I can recommend to use shape keys for eyes. They are applied with the following API

It the near future we will implement the full set of Blender skeletal animation features including animation of only a part of bones.
15 May 2017 22:13
OK thanks, I'll try the shape keys or maybe split armatures where appropriate.
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