Blend4Web 17.04.1. Bug Fix Release

15 May 2017 17:36
You can download updated Blend4Web SDKs here.

The list of bug fixes includes:
1) SSAO doesn't crash the engine on devices without DEPTH-textures support.
2) Automatically resized cubemaps now have correct axes.
3) Node animation and set_nodemat.. methods work correctly for World.
4) Force webgl 1 on all Qualcomm Adreno devices.
5) Physics AUTO setting now works for linked objects as well.
6) Fixed rare shimmering bug for EYE-cameras.
7) Fixed sleeping physics objects on the HTC Vive demo.
16 May 2017 08:02
I know VR is still experimental but are there things that work differently in VR? For example do applied textures and materials work the same? I am just wondering if there are things I should consider when developing for VR.
16 May 2017 10:54
There don't have to be any principal differences. If you find some, feel free to write to the bug report section.
The only suggestion I can give is to try to make materials simpler because VR is quite hungry for GPU resources.
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