Rise of the Donut

20 May 2017 02:30
Here is the most recent episode of the awesome "Rise of the Donut" series

Rise of the Donut ep6: Trump Speech at Willy Wonka Academy 5/19/2017

made with Blender, Audacity and GIMP.
21 May 2017 05:41
Nice, I recognize some nice drone scanned photogrammetry. Do you do drone mapping and 3D scanning?
25 May 2017 09:25
Hey Will, I do not do photogrammetry nor do I own a drone. The model was on Sketchfab and I will go give the person who made it credit on the youtube page now that I think of it.
25 May 2017 09:28
While I'm doing that, here is the latest of the "Rise of the Donut" ongoing saga.

Presidonut Trump Speech at Saudi Arabia's Museum of Western Art 5/23/2017

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