How can I make 'navigation spots' in a scene ?

21 May 2017 01:10
Fairly new to Blend4web and 3D designing in general ,learning all the time by just doing and creating.
Must admit I have no programming experience or know-how to enter or use cli ..

Now I am stuck have tried several things already, but just cannot figure it out(via online searches or any tutorials) so here is my question :

In my scene I want to be able to let the camera move to predetermined positions like in this scene then to be able to navigate from there. .

I have tried to make the circles then in the properties window used 'lock to object' but that does not work the way I want.

Some guidance how to .. would be great!
21 May 2017 05:08
Hi peeniewally
Have a look at this video on nodes to move camera:
In addition to the nodes in this video, there are now more nodes to change the camera navigation style.
For more getting-started videos, check out my other videos and also look at Ian's video channel. He has tons of great videos on Blender and Blend4Web:
21 May 2017 22:12
Dear Will,

Excellent !!!Thanks very much for that.Its easy if you know how hehe ,have a good time !
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