Game Dev Tools (Addon)[$] for blender

06 June 2017 13:58
This is my last addond.
Serve to hard surface modeling low poly and high poly for games.

Video demostration (Full subtitles coming soon):
17 July 2017 17:55
Now Mychamfer Workflow is called Game Dev Tools.
I added polygon tools for poly reduction.
You can have a quick look here:

Any suggestions or requests, welcome!.
03 September 2017 01:21
YouTube play List with all video features: Game Dev Tools Addon Blender: link
08 October 2019 09:53
I dont know, but how you can move object while animation in KT? You can do this only exporting every frame from blender and do rendering. But in this case you have to make all calculation for every frame.
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