Blank page after preload when deployed

06 June 2017 20:07

sorry, if the answer is obvious, I am really new with the technology. I created a really simple app that allows camera movements around a mesh and changing its texture by selecting from a list. The list of textures is outside the canvas, so I would like to embed the canvas in a normal html page.
Furthermore I would like to serve the page with an core website.

I created the project and managed to run in development mode from the project manager. However, when I build or deploy, I do not get a working application.

I managed to assemble a version, however. The preloader works, all the files I use are loaded according to the network activity in the browser. After loading with success I get a blank page. The canvas is empty and its height is set to zero explicitly.

Please, help me to progress with this issue. What should I check next?

06 June 2017 20:17
Hi Danleis,
The first thing I suspect is that your deployed project is not finding its assets. The best way to find out is to check the console log output on your browser. With Chrome, hit the F12 key or Options > More Tools > Developer Tools then select the console tab. Firefox has a similar function. Anything your project tries to load but can not find will show up in this console output.
If you have already checked this, go ahead and give some examples of your code. You can attach files when you post with the 'Attach' button at the lower right.

"However, when I build or deploy, I do not get a working application.
Are you accessing the project through your local server or just opening the HTML file?
06 June 2017 20:52
Hi Will,

thanks for the fast reply.

I used the Project Manager web interface for build and deploy - if that is the local server. I started that from Blender. When I use the development version - when PM generates the HTML it works fine.

For the deployed version I run my local IIS Express from Visual Studio where my website is. I try to run the app from there when I get the blank page.

I also turned console_verbose: true in app.init, so I have a few console messages, but everything seems to be fine. Except a few warnings. I copy them here. Also the Network tab on Chrome Developer Tools shows that all my assets are loaded. Both the JSON and the BIN files are loaded along with my normal and height maps.

I use b4w.min.js as the engine.
I attach the console log as an image, and my "parna.js" - the application script file.

Thanks for your kind help.
06 June 2017 21:33
Sorry guys. That was a CSS problem. There was nothing wrong with the approach. Only the canvas did not get the right height because my CSS was not applied properly.

Anyway, thanks for the help.
06 June 2017 22:44
No worries, it is always good to have an easy fix
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