Need help with Morphing sample project

06 June 2017 21:23
Could you please guide me how to have a tutorial about morphing project sample. I googled it but I found nothing.
06 June 2017 22:48
Are you talking about this code snippet example?

You can access this code snippet from your Project Manager index page. In the lower left corner there is a 'Make Project' button. This will copy the example into a new project so you can see all the .blend and code files.
07 June 2017 16:20
Thank you for your answer.
Yes I am.
I did it but I need some more tutorial about it.
I'm new in Blender and Blend4web so some part of codes is not clear to me.
I have no idea about morph.blend file so I can not understand some parameters like "key_name" , slider structure ,… . where does it come from?
07 June 2017 17:04
So here is a video about shape keys in Blender. It will show you where in the .blend file to start looking.
In the morph.blend file (if you copied the project) you may need to go to View > Toggle Maximize Area. And change some panels around to make it look like what you are used to.
07 June 2017 17:19
Thanks a lot for your help.
I'm following your tutorial in Youtube.
It's very useful to me.
08 June 2017 11:41
Hello if you fancy you can take a look at facebook (Blend4Web Español) to see a small tutorial Morphing.
08 June 2017 16:16
That's what I was looking for
Thanks a lot Juani
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