LED Streetlamp (Need Help)

11 June 2017 11:07
I have been working on translating some of my Industrial design portfolio into 3Dhtml content using Blend4web. This LED light is starting to look decent; though the "glowing" plastic lens is causing artifacts where it is behind the metal parts . . .

Also there seem to be some areas where there is distortion in the mesh. Im not a mesh expert; as these were modeled using NURBS surfaces. I have done some limited work with mesh models; and I knew to look to remove doubles as well as set the parts to render as "smooth" mesh. Though that doesn't seem to resolve a couple areas where the surfaces looks kinked or wrinkled. Any tips on fixing that would be greatly appreciated; though the artifacts are top priority to figure out first.

11 June 2017 15:23
Hi mcolinp,
So I suspect you have some mesh faces that occupy the same space. If you upload your .blend file, I can have a better look at it.
11 June 2017 18:05
Thanks Will. Is there a way I can send as a pm; or if you could send an email to:

matthew at

This was completed as professional design project; and I would be concerned about leaving original data files around on the web.

Thanks for the help.
11 June 2017 19:13
Sure. Email sent.
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