Bug on 17.04

15 June 2017 12:30
Good morning. As usual compliments for work! I use Blend4Web for some projects. By downloading 17.04 I found several BUGs that did not exist before.
- Using VR mode, the camera is not positioned correctly
- Using as nodes -> entry point -> delay -> move camera
Entering VR mode the room goes crazy and moves randomly.
- I wrote a library of JS VR using Blend4Web as a reference. Unfortunately in VR mode the camera is incorrectly positioned and the Move Camera action of the node does NOT work.

I take the opportunity to know if there is a system to "activate" the click in VR mode using standard Blend4Web.
I attach the files.

thanks so much for everything!
16 June 2017 14:49
What browser build are you using? I got it working on Chrome experimental build and Firefox Nightly.
As for the move-camera node, the camera needs to follow the the headset tracking so I don't think you can have it controlled by a node if it is following your HMD. Maybe the move camera node is causing your camera to be positioned wrong.
16 June 2017 23:23
The test is performed under Android.
On pc, mac, linux the test works fine!
Up to version 17.04 on both Desktop and Android was working properly.
17 June 2017 00:17
I haven't tried anything on Android. I should try it out.
21 June 2017 10:53
Hi Will, new to bugs under android?
21 June 2017 12:16
For VR, ya, I haven't tried it much on mobile devices. I think it will work much better when you can have two hand controllers. Google's Daydream is almost there with one controller. I think we will have two soon.
I check my regular projects on Android. I don't generally find any bug.
27 June 2017 09:55

if ( ENABLE_3D )
	m_hmd_conf.update ();

	if ( DEBUG )
		m_hmd.enable_hmd(m_hmd.HMD_NOME_MOUSE_ALL_AXES );

Here is a little misprint (HMD_NOME_MOUSE_ALL_AXES), but fortunately it does not affect on your app. If you want to set your own camera behavior, you just call m_hmd.enable_hmd(m_hmd.HMD_NONE_MOUSE_ALL_AXES).
Blend4Web Team
04 July 2017 11:17
Hello, I've modified the script as suggested, but the result does not change.
In my opinion, it is a Camera problem in VR mode under Smartphone.
The problems are 2:
- The camera (in VR mode) is placed in a negative axis (ie behind the object), and then with incorrect coordinates.
- Using the CAMERA MOVE node, the camera does not move and stays fixed.

I attach the zip file again to the whole test scene and its blend file
To use it, just copy it all into a server directory and launch the php server

Until version 17 this demo worked properly. Is it possible that something has changed for VR mode after the compatibility with VIVE or OCULUS has been added?
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