Rotation constraint on one axis

21 June 2017 17:08
Hello every one,
I have to make a rotation constraint one the X axis from an object to another.

append_stiff_trans_rot() is working but is linking the three axis :/

So I tried something like :

var _vec3_tmp = m_vec3.create();
m_transform.get_rotation_euler(gyroscope, _vec3_tmp);

//m_transform.set_rotation_euler_rel(myChildObject, _vec3_tmp[0], 0, 0); //Weird result

var _vec3_tmp2 = m_vec3.fromValues(_vec3_tmp[0], 0, 0);
m_transform.rotate_x_local(myChildObject, _vec3_tmp[2]); //Weird result

Could you help me we that ? :)
21 June 2017 18:02

From 17.06 the blender's rotation constraint is available in the engine. You can download the latest SDK (currently it's not stable) and test it.
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