27 February 2015 12:55
Golem's concept for the game. (One of my first concepts drawn in Krita)

Hi all. My name is Nikita Korneev and I'm a concept-artist in Blend4Web Team.

Yesterday there was a release of graphics editing software Krita 2.9.0. After taking a look at the changes in the new version (previously I used 2.81), I decided to say some words about the release and about this program in general. I have been working in Krita for about half year and I like it for the numerous advantages and it's intuitive interface. There are imperfections of course and even fair number of them, but some were fixed/removed in this release. I was choosing between such open programs as GIMP and Krita. The choice fell to the second one though I sometimes work in GIMP and some other graphical editors depending on current task.

I've been waiting for Krita update for a long time. And mainly this was not the matter of bug fixes but I wanted to see what kind of features would be added. And there are many of them. For example, there are improved possibilities for transformations, which is very important for me. Actually, there have been some of them before but there realization wasn't really good. I was glad to see such transformation functions as Perspective and Cage. Especially the first one – it is very simple and convenient. One more interesting thing is a transformation mask. I haven't tried it yet but it looks wonderful

I have a good impression about the new release in general. It is pretty difficult to say what was exactly improved because it is easy to become used to good things. I will write about new functions and possibilities later, when I'll test them properly. Krita is a good alternative to Photoshop for an artist as for me. But anyway it would be great to combine all their advantages into one graphical editor.
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