Virtual art gallery needs testing

27 June 2017 21:06
I’m developing a website which I hope to make commercial after I acquire the full licence.
The Blend4web generated .HTMLs appear to play on a PC but I currently don’t have access to any mobile devices for testing.
Could someone please test it and comment. The direct link to one of the site’s .HTML files is:

Gratton Art
27 June 2017 23:07
You may test the version with mobile in the Chrome.

The gallery i like it, but…
Dual Core processor (HP laptop)
2GB nVidia card
ubuntu 12.04
It is very lags.
The lights interesting, i it would be placed upon it AO (bake)
I prepared a similar gallery:
Gallery (hungarian language) - Mobile Version: link
Congratulations! Hungary Blender Community Site
27 June 2017 23:36
Thank you stewet.
Do you think that if I use AO baking this will reduce the lag?
28 June 2017 09:49
Good question… the optimisation not it's simple. Maybe, it would be necessary to reduce the polygons, the number of the lamps counts. It will not be faster because of AO, only more beautiful the environment. Hungary Blender Community Site
28 June 2017 14:05
The poly count is low, I have worked at this. There are too many lamps. I think if I use AO baking I should be able to remove all of the lamps and just have world lighting.
28 June 2017 16:25
It is possible baking the light of the lamp!
You'll need to do a Full Render bake. Textures and shadows can be disabled in the Shading panel of the render settings.
Look! Hungary Blender Community Site
28 June 2017 20:36
Yes,Full Render Bake works for this. All of the lamps are now gone but I have one Hemi pointing up to illuminate the under side of the roof. I think textures and shadows are needed for the roof but nowhere else. There is less lag now on one of the two .html files on the site. I will be working on the other file when I next have time.
I am very pleased with how things have gone today, thank you for your help.
28 June 2017 22:34
I look at the new file if he will be upload Hungary Blender Community Site
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