Texture quality is not good if the zoom is set to 100%

29 June 2017 13:07

I found a strange issue with the blend4Web textures.

When the browser's zoom is set to 100% then the textures becomes blurry like that :

But when you de-zoom to like 60%, then the textures become very clear :

It is the same on FireFox and Chrome (and "Disable compression is checked")

Thank you :)
04 July 2017 12:35
Good day!

It is usual practice to set double texture resolution for 3d scene in gamedev and realtime cg. For example, if you have scene resolution 2k, set texture resolution to 4k. it's because of perspective positioning of your texture, and if you have a text or signs on it, you may loose readability of this stuff.

Anyway, try to encapsulate your gui components from 3d scene to html. Html canvas and 3d scene events work perfectly well together.
Blend4web UI designer
04 July 2017 15:19
Thank you for your answer :)
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