Blend4Web/Three.JS/back-end at AirShaper (Antwerp)

29 June 2017 14:30

At AirShaper (, we are developing an online aerodynamics platform. It allows people with no knowledge on CFD to optimize their aerodynamics. To do so, we are implementing numerous automations behind the scenes.

We're looking for someone to join our team, on a full-time base and on our payroll, to work on a.o.:
- 3D visualisation on the web
Visualise results online by applying WebGL technology (e.g. Blend4Web, Three.JS).
Connect to data on the server through API's.
Optimize visual quality, implement dynamic animations, reduce loading times, …
- Plugin development
Integrate AirShaper, through the API's, in Solidworks, OnShape, Creo, …
- Interact with UX/UI development contracters to create a visually stunning
online experience / do this yourself if you feel confident
- Think like an entrepreneur: what does the user want, how can we tune our
business model, which markets can we address, …

The really fantastic candidate also has knowledge on:
- Server architecture
Set up dynamic calculation servers (spin up VM's/docker instances, vary
CPU/RAM requirements, …).
Set up databases, API's, encryption, authentication, …
Aerodynamics scripts have also been written in python.

You'll be part of a small team, based in the center of Antwerp.
Our office is located in a startup incubator, so you'll be surrounded by techies & entrepreneurs. Hours are flexible, and fun will balance the cool & hard work. We are government funded and can provide longer-term stability.

We're looking for applicants with a European passport. Salary will be market
conform. You'll have a direct impact on the success of the company, and your role can be tuned accordingly.

We're looking forward to hear from you!


the AirShaper team.
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