Translucent Material w/ Emission

01 July 2017 11:56
I have been playing with making a transparent acrylic material that reflects an environment texture. I like how it looks overall; but need to have the ability to do variable emission of some kind. It seems just a bit too dark as is; and it also will have a second state of being illuminated in the scene.

I would love any suggestions of things to try; as I don't seem to be getting the result I want.


01 July 2017 16:24
Maybe a second object mesh with emission that is 'hidden' in the light off phase and shown for light on?
That way, the show/hide object nodes could control it.
Alternatively, you could use set_alpha_factor() to code a variable fade in and fade out.
set_emit_factor() might work as well.
01 July 2017 17:05
Here is an example. This is the starter scene you get when making a new project. I added in some nodes to turn the light on and off.
04 July 2017 12:45
Hello, mcolinp!

Beautiful example of translucent material with realistic reflection!

It is usual situation, when translucent objects look little bit amorphic and it is very import to refine your geometry for the better reflections on angles. Try to make additional edge loops near the hard edges and loops on your object. It makes your normals look the right directions and clarifies your model.
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